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Want a quiet, professional spot in a central location? Book a coworking space and make Homestead your official meeting spot with clients!

We offer meeting rooms to both members and non-members. Membership fee includes five hours per month in meeting rooms and the boardroom (unlimited for private office members). Homestead guests receive:

  • Coffee and tea provided
  • Catering packages available
  • Guest wifi included

Meeting Rooms

Paint Earth meeting room (2 people)

Having an unofficial meeting? Paint Earth is a great option for quick one-on-ones and an even greater option for comfy chairs.

Birch Hills meeting room (4 people)

Having an unofficial, official meeting? Birch Hills is one of our more popular meeting rooms, with a cozy table to get the family huddle feel as well as a whiteboard for when you need to brainstorm.

Pehonan boardroom (12 people)

This is the boardroom to bring out the big guns to really impress your clients. Whiteboard, projector, right next to the Keurig - what more could they need?

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For Non-Members

     Meeting Rooms: $30/hour or $210/day

     Boardroom: $50/hour or $350 per day


For Members

     Meeting Rooms: $20/hour or $140/day

     Boardroom: $35/hour or $250/day


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