24 hours a day, seven days a week, your coworking space awaits you.

Whether you are an early bird, a night owl, or nine-to-fiver, Homestead memberships are flexible and set up so you can come and go as you please.  

All Homestead members enjoy access to high-speed internet, unlimited coffee and tea, shared drop-in workspaces (hot desks), a communal kitchen/lunchroom, restrooms, a professional boardroom, and multiple meeting rooms, locker storage and bike racks. (With future plans to build a shower/change room!)


Types of Memberships




Looking to be a part of the Homestead Community, but don’t need a workspace to hang your hat? The Community Membership gives you access to the Homestead membership discount card, exclusive member-only events and priority updates.





Need a place to park your laptop while you get your side-hustle on? Work at Homestead in one of our common hot desk spaces alongside other like-minded people and impress your clients in our professional boardroom and meeting rooms. Did we mention free coffee?





Calling all night owls and non-early birds! Not everyone gets their best work done during the day– so don’t feel constrained by that 9-5 grind. Access Homestead’s collaborative hot desk spaces from 6pm-6am and grow that passion project into a sustainable business!



Unlimited Drop In



Done with cafés? Tired of working at home alone with your cat? We feel you. Stay productive without breaking the bank with unlimited 24/7 access to our common hot desk spaces, all of our coworking amenities, and surround yourself with a dynamic, entrepreneurial community.





On a student budget? Don’t worry, we got you covered! With 24/7 access to any hot desk space in Homestead and the opportunity for mentorship from our members, you can consider us your ‘home away from library’. Toga! Toga!

Day Passes


Unsure if coworking is for you? Only planning on popping into Homestead a few days a month? Need a place to work while visiting #YEG? Use our day pass option on its own, or combine it with the basic Homestead membership and start building your empire without tapping into the piggy bank!



  • Coworking Day Pass, valid for 6 months - $25 + GST

  • 5-Day Coworking Pass, valid for 6 months - $100 + GST

  • 10-Day Coworking Pass, valid for 6 months -$150 + GST



If you’re interested in firing up your very own membership, or grabbing one of our coworking passes, we’d love to hear from you – give us a call or send us an email today!